Down-to-earth yoga for every body and everybody

I'm committed in raising awareness about the importance of self love through mindful practices that are within reach and results oriented.

Originally from Uruguay, I have been teaching in English and Spanish since 2015 both locally in my community and more recently online and globally. I bring 20 + years of personal and professional experience, self-study and education in the field of mindful practices such as yoga and movement. I'm currently furthering my studies with the Center for Advanced Treatment of Trauma delving into new techniques to support more students in my classes and wellbeing sessions. Read more about me

Yoga beyond the physical benefit

Yoga postures (asana) and functional movement get you stronger, more flexible, and stable. With consistency, expect to experience more ease and freedom in your body.
The movements borrowed from SI (structural integration) , EFT (emotional freedom technique) along with breathhwork (pranayama) aid the release of tension and stress, help regulate difficult emotions, giving your nervous system a nice break to relax and restore.
Also, through themes that have to do with the inner practices of yoga, you are encouraged to explore with curiosity and make your your own discoveries, gaining skills to thrive and navigate life's natural challenges. See my class schedule

If you want to dive deeper into your wellbeing journey, book a private session You may also email me to schedule a 10 minute call, where I will listen and answer any questions that you may have.

Yoga beyond the mat

All of my classes are offered on a sliding scale. When you take a group class, wellbeing session or course with me, you're supporting classes free of cost to folks who cannot afford them at this time.

If you‘d like to learn more about how you can support my programs, please contact me hola@ivananedelchev.com