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Create wellness from within. In these Individual Wellbeing Sessions you will tap into the natural wisdom of your body, mind and heart to not only feel great but to define and create sustainable wellness.

Payment is based on a sliding scale. Pay what you can afford between $ 65 and $ 165. Duration 60 minutes.

I work with clients to facilitate their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Through yoga and movement adapted to each individual, you can develop strength, flexibility and stability. You will learn how to alleviate tensions, notice and correct your posture and breathe more freely. My sessions go beyond just physical benefits. I help clients to build emotional resilience and thrive in even difficult situations such as loss and trauma.

I have a strong professional background and personal experience in yoga, movement and trauma informed yoga. I'm continuously advancing my studies in functional movement and therapeutic applications of yoga. You can read more about me here. In the past two years I have assisted many local folks to alleviate the effects of stress and trauma caused by the fires in Northern California, as well as other difficult situations through my online classes. 

No two sessions look the same.

My sessions provide a safe space for you to explore your inner landscape. With undivided attention, we collaborate to see which areas you want to develop physically and/or emotionally. We will use different mindfulness and breathing techniques to unblock areas that may be causing discomfort or holding you back. Keeping your goals in mind, I facilitate the tools necessary to develop inner qualities that lead to a life filled with more creativity, joy and calm.

Rather than providing rigid instructions on what you need to do, my approach is to guide you to a point of connecting with your true nature, one that knows exactly what you need to define and create sustainable wellness. 

Using Zoom as a connection tool, these private yoga and movement sessions are highly interactive and can be done from the privacy of your own home.

Please email me directly to schedule a 20 minute call to discuss how I can better serve you. I’d be honored to guide you in your sustainable wellness journey. 

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Undo tensions and feel good. This 45 minutes class uses different mindful practices to restore and relax your body and nervous system. If you want to feel a sense of harmony throughout with little effort, this class is for you.

• Accessible and gentle yoga postures

• Natural movement

• Conscious breathing and mindfulness

• Stress release techniques

Pay what you can afford between $5 and $15

Class duration: 45 minutes

Suggested props but not essential: yoga mat, bolster, strap, blanket.

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Esta clase integra posturas de yoga moderno y movimiento que desarrollan tu fuerza, flexibilidad y equilibrio. Acompañada con respiración, experimentas una sensación general de vitalidad y calma. La clase es adecuada para todos los niveles, incluso principiantes.

Pagas lo que puedes entre $5 y $15. Muchas gracias por tu contribución!

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